Git for Visual Studio

Video Training

Learn how to use the Git version control system and the functionality built-in to Visual Studio 2015 with this training class from O'Reilly Media. Edward Thomson - one of the authors of the Git support in Visual Studio - walks you through the functionality. This training is perfect for developers coming from other version control systems, new developers, and developers learning Git.

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  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • About the Author
  • Introduction to Distributed Version Control
  • Git Fundamentals

Getting Started with Git

  • Configuring Visual Studio for Git
  • Creating a New Repository
  • Opening an Existing Repository
  • Cloning a Repository

Working with Local Repositories

  • Making Changes in a Repository
  • Reviewing and Committing Changes
  • Viewing the Repository History
  • Undoing Changes

Branching and Merging

  • Creating New Branches
  • Switching Branches
  • Merging Two Branches
  • Rebasing Onto Another Branch

Working with Remote Repositories

  • Creating a Local Branch from a Remote Branch
  • Downloading Changes (Fetching and Pulling)
  • Uploading Changes (Pushing and Syncing)
  • Working with Multiple Remotes

Working with GitHub

  • Cloning and Creating Repositories
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Code Review with Pull Requests

Working with Visual Studio Online

  • Cloning from Visual Studio Online
  • Publishing a Repository to VSO
  • Associated Work Items with Commits
  • Code Review with Pull Requests

Interacting with Command-Line Tools

  • Installing Git for Windows
  • Adding Custom Git Commands to Visual Studio
  • Git Bash and posh-git from Visual Studio
  • Using the Visual Studio Merge Tool from Git

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